Youtube advertising.
Turbocharge your leads with youtube advertising.
We turn the Viewers into Customers.
What we care about.
  • Ad Quality Score.

  • Lead Generation.

  • Real Time Data.

  • Ad Budget.

  • Target Audience.

  • Ad Results.

Why Choose WIshare.
Reach the most people, with the highest
propensity to engage, at the lowest possible cost.

No Contracts.

Campaigns Fully Managed by Wishare Digital.

Highly effective, campaigns average as low as $3 per click.

Effective CPM of $5-$15.

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We know your audience profile
  • Audience and consumer insight.

    Accurately Targeted Audiences through in-depth researches.

    • Establish target customer profile(s)

    • Identify industry audience group factors

    • Create target audience groups

  • Audience Behavior-based prospecting.

    We work with you to identify your ideal audience group:

    • Audience online behavior

    • Audience demographics

    • Audience devices

    • Audience interests

    • Audience in market events

  • we catalogue your audience.

    We do not use cookie cutter campaigns. Every campaign's audience group is carefully studied, researched.

    • Reach audience based on where they’ve been

    • Target tailored audiences based on users who have visited a specific brand or category that indicate specific behavioral groups (e.g. sports enthusiasts, contractors, etc.)

Our Services.
  • 01.Video Production
  • 02.Display ads.
  • 03.Bumper ads.
  • 04.Video discovery ads.
  • 05.Skippable video ads.
  • 06.Landing Page Development.
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  • 400+
    Programs Implemented.
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