We Create story-driven content that
helps you reach targeted audience.
Video Production.
We don’t just make videos, we’ve helped to define it.
Making a great video is complex, but it doesn’t have to be hard. We combine the art
of storytelling with the SCIENCE of messaging to SIMPLIFY the storytelling process
and create engaging video content that creates results.
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How We make your video.
Create content strategy.
We start with a kick off call where we discover : Who we are; What we do; Why you matter. Once we understand you and your message, we will start to build your strategy.
Identify audiences profile.
The key point should be to identify who your target audience is and really understand that. We will discover: What is the core audience profile; Where is tje audience in the awareness stage; What are the target audience’s interests; What are your core audience’s pain points?
Video planning.
The planning stage is about getting your eyes on the creative vision we have for your project. We develop a story arc and visual concept that is both effective and on-budget. Then it is all delivered through a document we call the “Plan.”
Wishare’s video pre-production services are essential to our video project. Our attention to detail and creative concepts are the foundation to every successful production.

Here we are: Writing scripts; Create custom style sample; Storyboard each scene; Rough voiceover; Casting; Location scouts; Budegets; Production schedules.
Video production is the heart of Wishare. We take pride in running an efficient and artistic production that captures both your story and your message.
Wishare's video production services include: Producer; Director; Director of photography; Crew; Gear; Photography; Studio; Location management.
We strive for a constant state of engagement with cutting-edge technology to provide stylish and polished post-production.
Wishare’s video post- production services consist of Editing; Motion graphics; 2D & 3D Animation; Visual effects; Voice-over; Musicand sound design.
Show your brand.
Whether your goal is to inform, entertain, increase sales or to evoke drama and emotion, Wishare can help you reach your objectives.
Why Choose WIshare.
We know your audience profile
  • Create videos with targeted topicsKnowing your audience should impact the tone and style of the video.
    Once you have good knowledge of your audience, it is a good idea to check out what types of content they are usually engaging with. Of course, the tone of the content is also decided by the product and brand, but it should also be a tone that is appropriate for your audience.
  • Having good knowledge of your audience will mean crafting a clear message.
    The audience shoulfbe forefront in your mind when deciding what this message should be, as the video should be speaking directly to them. It needs to be a message that you know will resonatewith the intended audience.
  • Where to distribute your video content should be shaped by your audience browsing habits.
    Once the video is produced, it is important to keep your audience in mind when deciding where your video will be placed online. This channel plan should be created using insights about where your audience is spending time online and which networks/sites they are frequenting.
Other Production Services.
Creative Production
We want to get to know you and your brand. Who is your key market? Who are the outliers? To begin any process
together we need to know what makes your brand tick and where you see room for improvement. This way we
can create the best plan for positive results.
  • Campaign Creative.
    Your brand has a unique tale to tell. We help people hear it and engage with it. Bolstered by data and rooted with strategic insight, we build campaigns, small and large, that people can’t stop sharing and talking about.
  • VI Design.
    Our logo doesn’t have to tell your entire brand narrative, but it often starts it. We are all simple creatures and therefore have visceral emotional reactions to colors, shapes and fonts.
  • Photography.
    Wishare has a dedicated in-house photography team and studio. Armed with the latest camera/lighting packages and photo-editing equipment, our nimble team can shoot everything from high-end, ready for print sessions to down-and-dirty run and guns.
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