LinkedIn B2B Marketing
Reach businesses and professionals all over the world

If your target market is professionals and industry experts, LinkedIn advertising is the solution for you. From Sponsored content, text ads, and Sponsored InMail to dynamic ads, it provides a degree of targeting accuracy.

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Why Linkedln?
We've worked with different clients over the years, so we know how to assess your industry, sales strategy, and other essential aspects to determine which platforms would be most beneficial to you. If you are reaching out to professionals, the LinkedIn platform may be your best choice. More advantages you can get from LinkedIn Ads:
Outstanding targeting
The LinkedIn professional network allows you to narrow your target audience down to job titles, seniority, particular firms, and individuals.
Professional social platform
LinkedIn is a social platform for users from different industries to learn new industries' information, and it's taken seriously by many people.
Proper connection
If you're a B2B company, LinkedIn is a good platform for you to reach out to 380 million business professionals and get the right connection.
Can Wishare handle LinkedIn Advertising?
Our approach for LinkedIn Ads identifies and engages your most qualified decision-makers, bringing them right into your sales funnel. Over 1,500 digital marketing strategies have been evaluated, over 70 million site visitors have been assessed, and millions of analytic data points have been monitored. We'd love to help you succeed in your B2B approach and go over a long-term strategy with you.
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Our Methodology for LinkedIn Ads
When you work with an experienced marketing agency like Wishare, you're engaging a team of marketing specialists that are committed to assisting you in meeting your business and marketing goals. Your LinkedIn Ads should be properly scaled and give you direct access to sales possibilities on LinkedIn.
Four Steps to help your ads works
  • 1. Target

    To reach your target audience, we evaluate various targeting combinations.The following are the LinkedIn Ad Targeting Options:

    Company Name
    Company Industry
    Company Size
    Member Age
    Member Gender
    Years of Experience
    Job Function
    Job Seniority
    Job Title
    Member Skills
    Field of Study
    Member Schools
    Member Groups
  • 2. Content Creation

    Content affects everything and should be designed with the various interrelated connections on the customer experience in mind. Customers' journeys are rarely linear, so you should brand your content strategy throughout your various paid channels. We concentrate on developing the following sorts of content for LinkedIn Ads:

    Industry Trends
  • 3. Test

    A real A/B test is one in which one variable is changed at a time to examine how it affects your performance metrics. We want to know which kind of material performs well for specific audiences.

    Do you want to know whether a specific content download attracts more senior-level professionals than junior-level professionals? We can isolate that variable and conduct an A/B test to see what happens. Remember that we can only test within the confines of reaching your most essential business objectives and marketing KPIs.

  • 4. Analyze

    Any campaign's effectiveness depends on careful planning and forecasting. The more you know about the audiences you're attempting to target and what they respond to, the more effective your campaign will be. These technologies are used to estimate future campaign plans and examine previous campaign results.

    You’ll like to work with a marketing firm that can give you demographic information so you can send the correct content and creative mix to your key decision-makers.

Looking to make a turn with your ads? Call on us! We know exactly HOW to get you the best results possible.
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